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Table 2 Risk of bias summary: review of authors’ judgments about the risk of bias in each study included

From: Comparison of femoral tunnel widening after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction using cortical button fixation versus transfemoral cross-pin fixation: a systematic review and meta-analysis

ReferencesRepresentativeness of the casesSelection of controlAscertainment of exposureInterest outcome not present at start cohorts of studyComparability of cohortsControl for any additional factorsAssessment of outcomeEnough follow upAdequacy of follow up
Baumfeld et al. [9]++++
Kong et al. [10]++++
Lopes et al. [11]+++
Saygi et al. [12]++++
Srinivas et al. [13]+++
Uzumcugil et al. [14]++++
  1. + low risk of bias, − high risk of bias