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Table 3 Comparison of functional outcome between vitamin D-sufficient group (group 1) and vitamin D-deficient group (group 2)

From: Preoperative vitamin D level does not affect the short-term functional outcome after total knee arthroplasty in elderly women

VariableGroup 1 (n = 44)Group 2 (n = 176)p value*
w/o control
p value†
w control
 VAS score61.3 (50–80)60.8 (50–80)0.7340.612
 KSKS41.6 (15–62)39.7 (12–58)0.1850.150
 KSFS70.8 (40–85)70.4 (32–82)0.8630.695
 WOMAC score44.2 (36–68)42.3 (32–67)0.7680.691
Postoperative 1 year
 VAS score44.5 (20–50)44.5 (10–50)0.9830.885
 KSKS92.1 (55–100)92.2 (45–100)0.9480.941
 KSFS85.8 (50–100)88.4 (45–100)0.3380.394
 WOMAC score8.2 (0–32)10.3 (0–47)0.2870.286
  1. Data for VAS score, KSKS, KSFS, and WOMAC score displayed as mean (range)
  2. KSFS Knee Society Functional Score, KSKS Knee Society Knee Score, VAS Visual Analogue Scale, WOMAC Western Ontario and McMaster Universities Arthritis Index
  3. *Comparison with two-sample t test without control of weight
  4. †Comparison with analysis of covariance, as weights were assigned to covariate variable