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Table 2 Results

From: Intraoperative femoral condyle fracture in primary total knee arthroplasty - a case-control study in Asian population

 Fracture (n = 23)No fracture (n = 2659)p Value (χ2/t test/Fisher’s exact)
Age (SD)69.5 (9.4)69.2 (7.7)0.871
BMI (SD)26.7 (3.9)27.7 (4.3)0.268
Gender (F%)82.6%68.0%0.098
Side (L%)47.8%49.0%0.910
Bilateral5 (21.7%)236 (8.9%)0.031
 ASM8 (34.8%)579 (21.8%)0.109
 Bilateral ASM5 (21.7%)208 (7.8%)0.014
 i-Assist2 (8.7%)244 (9.2%)0.937
 Bilateral i-Assist0 (0.0%)10 (0.4%)0.917
 Triathlon11 (47.8%)992 (37.3%)0.299
 Legacy9 (39.1%)927 (34.8%)0.669
 PFC1 (4.3%)219 (8.2%)0.499
 Attune1 (4.3%)158 (5.9%)0.747
 Evolution1 (4.3%)74 (2.7%)0.650
  1. SD standard deviation, F female, L left, iAssist iASSIST Knee System, Zimmer, ASM eNdtrac ASM Knee Navigation System, Stryker, DM diabetes mellitus, CRF chronic renal failure, Triathlon Triathlon® Knee System, Stryker, Legacy NexGen® Legacy® Posterior Stabilized (LPS) Flex Fixed Bearing Knee, Zimmer, PFC P.F.C.® Total Knee System, DePuy Synthes, Attune ATTUNE® Knee System, DePuy Synthes, Evolution EVOLUTION™ Medial-Pivot Knee System, MicroPort, TKA total knee arthroplasty, LOS postoperative length of stay, FU follow up, KSS (knee) Knee Society Knee score, KSS (function) Knee Society Function score