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Table 3 Videos demonstrating patella dislocation used for systematic video analysis

From: Patella dislocation: an online systematic video analysis of the mechanism of injury

Video numberVideo titleAddress
01Baron Davis Knee Injury (Patellar Dislocation)- Super Slow Motion
02Patella Dislocation Animation
03Patellar Dislocation and MPFL Rupture
04Dislocation of right knee cap and tears
05Utah Jazz SG Patrick Christoper dislocated Patella vs. Atlanta Hawks
06AFL- Jaymie Graham dislocated kneecap injury (WAFL)
07Danish Judo Championship (Dislocated kneecap)
08140 bench knee dislocation
09Knee dislocation
10Knee cap dislocation!
11Ouch!!!!.......How to dislocate your knee dancing.
12Citizen TV’s Willis Raburu injures knee live on air, requests for prayers
13Grizzlies @ Lakers, 2008 (Bynum knee injury)