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Table 4 Correlations between the static and dynamic postural stability and the knee muscle strength in the involved side knees in each group

From: Poorer dynamic postural stability in patients with anterior cruciate ligament rupture combined with lateral meniscus tear than in those with medial meniscus tear

 ACL rupture with MM tearACL rupture with LM tear
Static OSIPCC (r)−0.086−0.1410.1360.228
p value0.5410.3130.4030.157
Static APSIPCC (r)−0.104−0.1470.1380.203
p value0.4590.2940.3960.208
Static MLSIPCC (r)−0.101−0.0940.2860.294
p value0.4700.5010.0740.066
Dynamic OSIPCC (r)0.1600.233−0.097−0.138
p value0.2520.0930.5510.394
Dynamic APSIPCC (r)0.2010.218−0.004−0.203
p value0.1490.1170.9790.208
Dynamic MLSIPCC (r)0.0280.219−0.199−0.001
p value0.8410.1150.2180.996
  1. ACL anterior cruciate ligament, APSI anterior–posterior stability index, LM lateral meniscus, MLSI medial–lateral stability index, MM medial meniscus, OSI overall stability index, PCC Pearson correlation coefficient