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Table 5 Newcastle-Ottawa scale for assessing the quality of 6 observational studies

From: Outcome Differences of Remnant- Preserving versus Non-Preserving Methods in Arthroscopic Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction: A Meta-analysis with Subgroup analysis

  Selection  Comparability Outcome Total score 
Qi, et al. [14]2010 7
Park, et al. [15]20129
Naylor, et al. [16]2013 8
Takazawa, et al. [17]20138
Chen, et al [18]2015 7
Kondo, et al. [19]2015 8
  1. Criteria: 1. Representativeness of the exposed cohort; 2. Selection of the non-exposed cohort;, 3. Ascertainment of exposure; 4. Outcome not present at the start of the study; 5. Comparability; 6. Assessment of outcome, 7. Length of follow-up (study with follow-up time > 2 years was assigned one star); 8. Adequacy of follow-up (study with follow-up rate > 80% was assigned one star)