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Table 3 Reoperation causes, surgical and medical complications

From: Cost, safety, and rehabilitation of same-stage, bilateral total knee replacements compared to two-stage total knee replacements

Complications and reoperation causes Same-stage, bilateral TKR Two-stage, bilateral TKR
Reoperation causes
 Persistent wound discharge requiring irrigation and debridement 2 4
 Wound haematoma requiring open drainage 1 1
 Periprosthetic infection   1
 Intra-articular haematoma   1
Surgical complications
Reoperation causes above-mentioned 3 7
 Medial collateral ligament injury/avulsion 2  
 Patella-tendon insertion avulsion 1  
 Intra-operative fracture 1 2
 Popliteal artery laceration   1
Medical complications
 Ischaemic stroke 1  
 Chest infection 4  
 Urinary tract infection 2 4
 Acute renal failure   1
 Insomnia 1  
 Gastrointestinal bleeding 1  
 Deep vein thrombosis 1  
 Congestive heart failure   1
 Aspirin-induced gastrointestinal upset   1
 Transient fast atrial fibrillation   1
 Transient hypotension (resolved with only fluid replacement)   1
 Common peroneal nerve palsy   1
  1. TKR total knee replacement