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Table 4 VOS Viewer output for PubMed for MeSH terms

From: Trends of arthroscopy publications in PubMed and Scopus

  Most prominent terms in titles   Most prominent MeSH terms
> 2014 Controlled trial, plasma, hip arthroscopy, shoulder arthroscopy, young adult, commentary, tenodesis, medial patellofemoral ligament, Bankart repair, irreparable rotator-cuff tear > 2015 Femoroacetabular impingement, young adult, quality of life, return to sport, athletes, operative time, cost-benefit analysis, registries, patient-reported outcome measures, visual analogue scale
2010–2014 Autograft, talus, sports medicine, literature, arthroscopic partial meniscectomy 2010–2015 Treatment outcome, rotator-cuff injuries, retrospective studies, hip joint, acetabulum, quality of life, patient satisfaction, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), hip joint, multivariate analysis, pain measurement
2006–2010 Knee arthroscopy, ankle arthroscopy, arthroscopic reconstruction, patellar instability, remplissage 2005–2010 Adolescent, follow-up studies, shoulder joint, biomechanical phenomena, sensitivity and specificity, autologous transplantation, surveys and questionnaires
2000–2006 Tibial tunnel, rheumatoid arthritis, arthroscopic synovectomy, villonodular synovitis 2000–2005
moderate weightage
Knee joint, knee injuries, joint diseases, radiography, menisci, endoscopy, articular cartilage, ligaments, arthritis, loose bodies, ambulatory procedure, patella
low weightage
Cost-benefit analysis, electromyography, joint prosthesis, gadolinium, patella, osteoarthritis, joint diseases