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Table 1 Study characteristics

From: Effect of chronic kidney disease on outcomes of total joint arthroplasty: a meta-analysis

AuthorYearCountryStudy designDatabaseType of surgeryMean age (years)Total sample sizeCKD stageNumber of cases in CKD groupNumber of cases in control groupNOS
Bedard [27]2018USARetrospective case–controlHumana databaseTHAN/A17,695N/A228815,4076
Bedard [28]2018USARetrospective case–controlHumana databaseTKAN/A35,894N/A455131,3436
Boniello [29]2018USARetrospective cohort studyACS-NSQIPTHA≥ 80 Preop Cr > 1.5 mg/L175965,0807
Cavanaugh [30]2016USARetrospective cohort studyNISTHA, TKACKD: 71.9
non-CKD: 65.6
1,014,686CKD stage 3–4, RT, dialysis, and ESRD36,308978,3787
Deegan [21]2014USARetrospective cohort studyGeisinger Health SystemTHA, TKA72779CKD stage 1, 2, 34023778
Erkocak [15]2016USARetrospective cohort studyHospital dataTHA, TKACKD: 67.8
Control: 67.2
Kildow [31]2017USARetrospective cohort studyMedicareTHAN/A91,467CKD stage 1–4, hemodialysis, RT29,68961,7788
Kuo [33]2017TaiwanRetrospective cohort studyHospital dataTKACKD: 72.1
Non-CKD: 71.0
615eGFR < 602054108
Kuo [22]2017TaiwanRetrospective cohort studyNHIRDTKACKD: 71.6
Non-CKD: 70.3
Lizaur-Utrilla [34]2016SpainRetrospective case–controlHospital dataTKAESRD: 69.3
Control: 70.1
45ESRD (dialysis or RT)15307
Marya [35]2016IndiaRetrospective case–controlHospital dataBilateral simultaneous TKA65.8556Moderate-to-severe renal disease11N/A7
McCleery [32]2010UKRetrospective cohort studyScottish Arthroplasty ProjectTKAN/A59,288Renal failure, RT, dialysis3718N/A7
Miric [23]2014USARetrospective cohort studyTJRRTHA6618,663CKD stage 3, 4, 5126917,3948
Miric [24]2014USARetrospective cohort studyTJRRTKA6737,482CKD stage 3, 4, 5268634,7968
Nikkinen [36]2019FinlandRetrospective cohort studyHospital dataTHA, TKAModerated to severe CKD: 81
Mild CKD: 77
Normal kidney function: 71
807eGFR < 601096987
Patterson [25]2018USARetrospective cohort studyACS-NSQIPTHA, TKAN/ATHA:129370
Ponnusamy [26]2015USARetrospective cohort studyNISTHA, TKA- THA
Non-dialysis: 65.2
Dialysis: 63.2
Non-dialysis: 66.8
Dialysis: 66.7
THA: 2006522
TKA: 4182887
TKA: 1683
THA: 2005271
TKA: 4181204
Warth [14]2015USARetrospective cohort studyACS NSQIPTHA, TKAMild or normal CKD: 70.7
Moderate or severe CKD: 72.6
25,116eGFR < 6012,55812,5588
  1. ACS-NSQIP American College of Surgeons-National Surgical Quality Improvement Program, CKD chronic kidney disease, Cr creatinine, CRF chronic renal failure, eGFR estimated glomerular filtration rate (mL/min/1.73 m2), ESRD end-stage renal disease, N/A not available, NHIRD National Health Insurance Research Database, NIS Nationwide inpatient sample, NOS Newcastle–Ottawa Scale (expressed as the number of stars assigned), preop preoperative, RT renal transplantation, THA total hip arthroplasty, TJRR Total Joint Replacement Registry, TKA total knee arthroplasty, USA United States of America, UK United Kingdom