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Table 2 Results of Pearson correlation between vitamin D level and age, height, weight, BMI, and BMD

From: Preoperative vitamin D level does not affect the short-term functional outcome after total knee arthroplasty in elderly women

VariableAge (years)Weight (kg)*Height (cm)BMI (kg/m2)BMD
Vitamin D level (ng/ml)69.4 (41–87)62.5 (32.5–99.0)153 (133–178)26.7 (16.0–38.9)−2.3 (− 3.3 to –0.7)
r0.005−0.096−0.011− 0.0110.004
p value0.8700.0020.7350.7180.894
  1. Data for vitamin D level displayed as mean (range)
  2. BMD bone mineral density, BMI body mass index, r correlation coefficient
  3. *Statistically significant