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Table 1 Terminologies used to refer to clinically meaningful change

From: Minimal clinically important difference of commonly used patient-reported outcome measures in total knee arthroplasty: review of terminologies, methods and proposed values

Quintana et al., 2006 [16]WOMAC and SF-36MCID
Escobar et al., 2007 [14]WOMAC and SF-36MCID
Chesworth et al., 2008 [13]WOMAC*CID
Escobar et al., 2013 [17]WOMAC*MCID
Clement et al., 2014 [18]OKS and SF-12 PCSMCID
Escobar et al., 2014 [15]WOMAC*MCID
Keurentjes et al., 2014 [26]SF-36CID
Kiran, et al., 2014 [19]OKSMCID
Maratt et al., 2015 [12]WOMAC*MCIC
Kiran, et al., 2015 [27]OKSMID
Beard et al., 2015 [28]OKSMIC
Bin Abd Razak et al., 2016 [20]OKS and SF-36 PCSMCID
Lee et al., 2017 [21]KSSMCID
Berliner, et al., 2017 [22]SF-12 PCSMCID
Ingelsrud et al., 2018 [29]OKSMIC
Lizaur-Utrilla et al., 2019 [23]KSSMCID
Blevins et al., 2019 [24]SF-12MCID
Clement et al., 2019 [25]SF-12MCID
  1. MCID minimal clinically important difference, MIC minimal important change, MID minimal important difference, CID clinically important difference, MCIC minimal clinical important change, TKA total knee arthroplasty, PROM patient-reported outcome measures, WOMAC Western Ontario And McMaster University Arthritis Index, WOMAC* Western Ontario And McMaster University Arthritis Index reversed scoring system, OKS Oxford Knee Score, KSS Knee Society Score, SF-36 36-item Short Form survey, SF-12 12-item Short Form Survey