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Table 1 Breakdown of results from the Knee Society Score Questionnaire

From: The metaphyseal sleeve: an unexplored option in the treatment of complex primary knee osteoarthritis

CategoryPreopPostopP value
Mean (S.D.)Mean (S.D.)
Objective knee indicators5.91 (15.46)60.74 (17.72)0.00003*b
Symptoms5.70 (6.47)23.78 (1.93)0.00004*b
Patient satisfaction14.00 (6.77)37.04 (2.82)0.00000000000002*a
Patient expectations10.43 (1.70)13.61 (1.31)0.000009* a
Functional score17.78 (15.16)58.30 (9.58)0.00000000001* a
Total53.83 (28.88)193.48 (19.39)0.0000000000000007* a
  1. S.D. standard deviation, Preop Preoperative, Postop Postoperative
  2. *Level of significance set at 0.05
  3. a Paired sample t test
  4. b Wilcoxon signed rank test