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Table 1 Risk of bias assessment for interrupted time series studies

From: Biomechanical function of the anterolateral ligament of the knee: a systematic review

 Intervention independent of other changesShape of the intervention effect pre-specifiedIntervention unlikely to affect the data collectionKnowledge of allocated interventions adequately prevented during the studyIncomplete outcome data adequatelySelective outcome reportingOther risks of bias
Noyes et al. 2017 [13]LLLHULL
Inderhaug et al. 2017 [10]LLLHULL
Drews et al. 2017 [14]LLLHULU
Sonnery-Cottet et al. 2016 [15]LLLHULL
Thein et al. 2016 [16]LLLHULL
Spencer et al. 2016 [17]LLLHULL
Ruiz et al. 2016 [12]LLLHULL
Rasmussen et al. 2016 [18]LLLHULL
Bonanzinga et al. 2016 [7]LLLHULU
Saiegh et al. 2015 [19]LLLHULU
Parsons et al. 2015 [20]LLLHULL
Monaco et al. 2012 [11]LLLHULL
  1. L low risk of bias, H high risk of bias, U unclear risk of bias