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Table 1 Correlation analysis between the severity of medial meniscus extrusion and other affecting factors

From: Correlation between meniscal extrusion and symptom duration, alignment, and arthritic changes in medial meniscus posterior root tear: research article

 Mean (range)SDCC#P value#
Medial meniscus extrusion, mm4.61 (0~8.04)31.53  
Duration of disease, month15.52 (0~120)1.50−0.0360.722
Chondral wear, %25.8 (0.0~70.0)
Mechanical alignment, °4.3 (−2.21~14.1)3.23−0.0220.827
Size of osteophyte, mm1.48 (0~4.80)1.240.5130.000
  1. #Statistical analysis was performed using the Pearson’s correlation analysis.
  2. Abbreviations: CC correlation coefficient, SD standard deviation.