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Table 2 Description of included trials: Demographics and operation overview

From: Outcome Differences of Remnant- Preserving versus Non-Preserving Methods in Arthroscopic Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction: A Meta-analysis with Subgroup analysis

Size (P/S)
Age (P/S)
Sex ratio (M/F)Follow-up, Months
Type of graftNo. of BundlesSurgical techniqueJournal nameLevel of Evidence
 Gohil, et al. [10]2007Australia24 / 2536/3114/1013/1212/12autograftSBTranstibialJBJS (Br)Level I
 Hong, et al. [11]2012China45 / 4534/2833/1234/1126/26allograftSBTranstibialAJSMLevel I
 Mohtadi, et al. [12]2012Canada43 / 4320/3019/2424/1912/12autograftSBTranstibialCJSMLevel I
 Pujol, et al. [13]2012France29 / 2531/2916/1317/812/12autograftSBOut-side inOTSRLevel I
AM portal
 Zhang, et al. [5]2014China27 / 2424/2519/421/524/25autograftSBTranstibialKSSTALevel I
Observation study   
 Qi, et al. [14]2010China37 / 5924/2826/1135/2415/15allograftSBOut-side inCJRRSLevel II
 Park, et al. [15]2012South Korea55 / 4530/3245/1040/534/31autograft,
SB,DBTranstibialArthroscopyLevel IV
 Naylor, et al. [16]2013Canada45 / 4530/3021/2426/1912/12autograftSBTranstibialSOSTLevel II
 Takazawa, et al. [17]2013Japan85 / 9824/26124/5933/31autograftSBTranstibialOJSMLevel III
 Chen, et al. [18]2015China38 / 3729/2727/1125/1212/12autograftSBTranstibialCJTERLevel III
 Kondo, et al. [19]2015Japan81 / 9829/3044/3754/4414/14autograftDBAM portalAJSMLevel II
  1. P Preserved group, S Standard group, M Male, F Female, SB Single bundle, DB Double bundle, AM Anteromedial, JBJS (Br) Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery (British), AJSM The American journal of sports medicine, CJSM Clinical Jounral of Sport Medicine, OTSR Orthopaedics & traumatology, surgery & research, KSSTA Knee Surgery, Sports Traumatology, Arthroscopy, CJRRS Chinese journal of reparative and reconstructive surgery, SOST Sport-Orthopadie – Sport-Traumatologie, OJSM Orthopaedic Journal of Sports Medicine, CJTER Chinese Journal of Tissue Engineering Research