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Table 2 Demographics of subjects included in this study

From: Anterior tibial displacement on preoperative stress radiography of ACL-injured knee depending on knee flexion angle

Sex (Male:Female)30:10
Age (years, mean ± SD*)37.8 ± 11.5
Laterality (Right:Left)21:19
Cause of Injury
 Traffic accident5
Time from injury to radiographic assessment (weeks, mean ± SD*)16.6 ± 39.8
 Acute phase (≤3 weeks) (Male:Female)22 (18:4)
 Subacute phase (> 3 weeks and < 3 months) (Male:Female)5 (2:3)
 Chronic phase (≥3 months) (Male:Female)13 (10:3)
  1. *standard deviation