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Table 2 Reported clinical outcomes of calcium phosphate injection including Subchondroplasty®

From: Calcium phosphate injection of symptomatic bone marrow lesions of the knee: what is the current clinical evidence?

Author and yearNumber of patientsAge at presentation /mean (±SD)/ median (range)Duration of follow up (months)
Mean (±SD)/ median (range)
Outcome measurePre-procedurePost-procedure
Time point(s) (weeks/months)Score
Mean (±SD)
Time point(s) (weeks/months)Score
Mean (±SD)
Bonadio et al. [12] 2017567.7(±9.67)6 (±NR)VAS1 week7.8 (±NR)1 week
3 weeks
6 weeks
12 weeks
24 weeks
2.8 (±NR)
3.0 (±NR)
2.8 (±NR)
1.8 (±NR)
0.6 (±NR)
Byrd et al. [21] 201713357 (38–84)32.1 (24–43)VASNR8.3 (±NR)NR3.4 (±NR)
Cohen et al. [11] 201666a55.9 (35–76)24 (NR)VASNR7.6 (±NR)6 months
24 months
3.3 (±NR)
3.2 (±NR)
Davis et al. [22] 20155055 (36–82)14.6 (12.9–25.1)VASNR8.3 (±NR)NR3.6 (±NR)
Farr et al. [13] 20135955.6 (35–76)14.7 (±NR)VASNR7.5 (±NR)6 months3.1 (±NR)
  1. SD standard deviation, NR not reported, NA not applicable, VAS visual analog scale, KOOS Knee injury and Osteoarthritis Outcome Score, IKDC International Knee Documentation Committee, T-L Tegner Lysholm Knee Scoring score, SF-12 Short Form Survey score)
  2. a Limited patients at follow up: 6 months, n = 6, 12 months, n = 5, 24 months, n = 1